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        New Kalin Timberwork Planer

        Kalin logoRiver Valley Machinery sells the high performance planing machine from Kalin, designed for industrial use as a slat planer with a feed rate of up to 200 metres/minute and as a wide planing machine for glued joists and broad laminated boards with a width of up to 1,300 mm.

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        Pinheiro Legacy Planers

        • Pinheiro logoCompact and self contained for easy
        • Designed to minimize operating and maintenance costs
        • All planer molders handle both roughing and high quality finish planning
        • Motors and adjusting systems mounted externally for easy access
        • Many options available to meet customers exact needs.
        • Disposable, spiral and insert tooling available
        • Totally enclosed to improve safety and minimize noise
        • Every planer molder is backed by excellent training, parts and service programs.
        Pinheiro 600/PMC Series

        Pinheiro 800/MF Series

        Pinheiro 1000/PMA Series

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